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Havanese dogs travelling tips and tricks right now? For small dogs, Havanese are exceptionally healthy. They live for up to 16 years and never lose their cuddly, happy energy. They don’t have any serious respiratory problems, they don’t have heart issues, And I don’t have a lot of the other serious health conditions that can plague small dogs. That said, Havanese can still suffer from some fairly common health issues. While most of these issues are fixable, if left untreated they can become severe. If you ever suspect your Havanese is having problems with their health, the first thing you should do is get off The Internet and go to the vet.

How many peas can I give my dog? Even a handful of peas can be too many for a large dog. If feeding your dog peas, feed them in moderation– a teaspoon for small breeds and a tablespoon for larger breeds. Can I give my dog cooked peas? Cooked peas can also be fed to your dog in moderation. Stay away from canned peas with added sodium, or peas in butter sauce, for example, as these additives may cause your dog to be sick or to have digestive issues. Why are peas bad in dog food? Peas may be a leading dog food ingredient that is contributing to a rise in canine heart disease that is connected to diet. This is common in grain-free dog foods and is likely due to the fact that the regular overfeeding of peas can cause issues. These links are being investigated by the FDA.

How To Crate Train A Havanese Dog? Crate training can be one of the more difficult things for a dog owner to accomplish. Our little dog wasn’t a challenge, and in fact even prefers the crate when travelling in the car. Crate training a Havanese can take a few weeks, and you should be ready for that kind of timeline. You need to be patient as with all things dog training. If your dog has never experienced the crate before you will need to introduce them to it and let them explore it. Put it in a safe place like the living room and let them smell it out. Put a soft blanket or even their bed into it so they associate with the crate. You can also use treats to get them to go into the crate if they are not going in all on their own (some do). Encourage your dog and be positive. Discover additional info at Gateway Havanese. If your dog is taking to the crate pretty well then you can try longer periods of time and see how it goes. Call them over to the crate and give them a treat and then command them to go into the crate. Be consistent and use the same word each time. Praise them when they enter the crate. Close the door and sit quietly for about 10 minutes to see how things go. Gradually increase the amount of time spent in the crate and always reward them for good behaviour.

The jade plant, also known as the friendship tree, baby jade, the Japanese rubber plant, or simply the jade tree, is dangerous for your dog. There are toxins inside the plant that can slow your dog’s heart rate, cause it to vomit, and make it generally very sick. These are appealing indoor plants but should not be anywhere within the reach of a curious dog. Everyone loves lilies. These beautiful plants come in all shapes and sizes, but some types of lilies can actually be toxic to both cats and dogs. Specifically, the peace lily is wildly toxic to both dogs and cats. It’s also known as the Mauna Loa. Then there are the stargazer lilies and the Easter lilies, which are toxic to cats but OK for dogs. If your dogs get into the poisonous peace lilies, they could end up vomiting and having issues swallowing because their lips and tongue will get irritated. If you don’t want your dogs puking on your carpets, be sure to avoid peace lilies in the house.

Welcome to Gateway Havenese!! We are an all in one resource for Havanese Dogs. Below you will find links to various resources within the website and also opportunities to find out all about Havanese Dogs. These little guys are quite the heart stealers, and it’s no surprise that more and more people are looking at adding a Havanese to the Family. Are you looking for a little extra help with your Havanese training? I think we all are. Check out our 2021 training guide and pick up some new tricks. Discover extra information on Gateway Havanese.

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