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Video business card firm? The m&m Tech Video brochure is regarded as a novel item that the recipient keeps and shares with others. They help those who use them to conduct business stand out from their competitors. First, 71% of marketers say that video can help the company achieve more sales. When a video is included in a sales strategy, the conversion rate will increase significantly, and people are reported to be 85% more likely to buy what they are considering buying after watching the video. Second, video brochures have been shown to attract attention to other forms of marketing.

Video box is a lcs screen in a box, the box size is customized, screen size you can choose from 2.4 inch, 4.3inch, 5.0inch, 7.0inch and 10inch. Video box content is reloadable: Video content can be changed easily at any time without any software, which means the content can be kept relevant and dynamic. The batteries in video box are rechargeable to make sure they can be watched anytime anywhere because electric outlets are not needed. Video box dispay is No internet connection needed: just opening the box activates the videos. From the time the design is complete, video boxed can be produced and delivered to recipients in 12 days. Videos can be up to 8 hours: The average video length is 15 minutes, and while shorter video content tends to be more effective, videos can last up to 8 hours in video brochures. Touchscreen navigation option: For the most convenient navigation, they can be produced with a touchscreen feature.

If you’re looking to deliver an unforgettable pitch that will win-over your audience and leave a lasting impression, a video brochure is a must-have. Our success is built upon the foundation of delivering the highest quality video brochure products and providing our clients with the very best levels of customer service. Video brochures are at the core of what we do and as a result this has allowed us to concentrate all of our attention to design, technology and support. Over the last 10 years this has lead us to become experts in this space. Discover extra information on Video mailer.

Automatic on/off functionality when opened or closed with a magnetic switch. You can easily carry your own important message at all times, access it from your pocket and show it to your audience. The video business card is offered with a 2.4” digital screen and integrated speaker. Video business card with and without printing you can get, The average of cost a Video Business Cards is USD12.00 – USD15.00 depends on the order quantity. Higher quantity orders may get USD10.00, Video content preload is free service if needed. Please send a message to from our website to get a Video Business Card template. The template is editable in Illustrator (preferred) and Photoshop. If you decide to create your design in Photoshop, please deliver the resulting file layered, with the template on one layer, and your design on the other (or in a layer group).

M&M Tech focus on various video brochure cards (TV In A Card)for more than 10 years. Due to our very strict quality control, our video brochure are trusted by lots of famous company like BENZ, AUDI, NBA, MGM, we know that if not good quality, better not to sell it. Urgent order welcome, Small order can be done within a week and ship out by fast global delivery(DHL,UPS) which make sure that you can get it on time. Work with China factory like us, save your time, money and energy. Discover extra info on

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