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Top business process outsourcing specialists? Process Discovery & Team Strategy: We begin by understanding the business process you wish to outsource, so we are perfectly clear on the type of team we need to deploy for you. Typical questions we will put to you are; How many people do you need? What skills and experience are required of each team member? What ratio of managers to staff is optimal? What hours would you like your team to work? We would develop a customized outsourcing strategy & plan in a consultative manner to make it work for you.

Data entry is our most popular service offering and also one of the most commonly outsourced business processes globally. Being a labor-intensive task, clients prefer outsourcing data entry, data cleaning, data processing and management-related tasks to BPOs and data entry companies like India Rep Co. The primary incentive for offshore data entry being the amazing cost savings, complete control over the offshore team, high output, and the ability to ramp the team up or down at short notice.

Periods of high employee turnover can add uncertainty and inconsistency to a business. Outsourcing provides a level of continuity to the company while reducing the risk that a substandard level of operation could bring to the company. Example: Your human resource manager is on extended medical leave and her two administrative assistants are about to leave for new jobs in a short period of time. Outsourcing the human resource function would reduce risk and allow the company to keep operating while the manager is unavailable. It will give you ample time to make sure you hire the right new assistants.

SQL Data Mining – We can deploy SQL data mining when large volumes of data are expected to be scraped or extracted and analyzed for modeling. MS Excel Data Mining – We can mine information from existing Excel databases and also analyze the data to derive correlations between indicators etc. We can also apply formulas and macros and process the data to make the data more meaningful and ready for use in any application. MS Word & PDF Data Mining – We can extract and analyze text from large word files pr printed & scanned material. This service is useful for industries such as legal services, financial services, medical & scientific research organizations etc. Read additional details on BPO services.

India Rep Co. is an expert Catalog Management Services provider from India. We possess experienced staff with multi-lingual data processing ability. Our catalog management team can process large volumes of data and create digitized catalogs to service all your requirements. eCommerce companies can outsource all their catalog management tasks to India Rep Co. for maximum savings and improved efficiency. India Rep Co. Delivers Comprehensive Catalog Management Solutions: India Rep Co. is a full service catalog management services company from India. We handle projects of any size including long term team deployments as well as short term projects.

Our reps can perform many types of tasks, including: Data Entry, Processing & Management, Catalog Management, Back Office Services, Content Moderation Services, Data Mining, eCommerce Support Services, Customer Support, Virtual Assistant Services. Outsourcing Reduces Cost: The biggest benefit of outsourcing has always been cost-savings. Partner with us to build an offshore back-office team to drastically reduce your costs. Focus on Business Growth: Outsource non-core tasks which unnecessarily keeps your management busy. Do the stuff which matters most and leave the rest to us. Discover more information at this website.

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