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Looking for What’sApp groups on topics that you enjoy talking about ? There are a lot groups on What’sApp but finding them is quite hard, especially since many of them are not very known. We will give a few tricks on who are the most popular WhatsApp groups by topics and also introduce you to a website that will make discovering groups much easier. is a website that makes discovering cars & bikes groups on WhatsApp very easy. Feeling lonely? Wanting to talk ? This website can help you connect to groups where you will be able to discuss about your favorite topic. Let’s see who are the most popular What’sApp groups, on multiple topics.

With WhatsApp’s help you can increase you sales via personalized offers you send directly to your customers. What you do is you create a database of contacts. You should have access to their purchase history or know their wishes. Then segment them into different target groups and sent each group (or even each individual) a personalized offer. By adding a payment option (we’re going to talk about it soon) into your offers you can close more sales as you will make it extremely easy to purchase a product your customer is interested in. You can read more about WhatsApp marketing and personalized offers in our previous two articles here and here. We have started a forum called ‘khichhik’ where we are aiming to create a platform for innovative minds to share their smallest of the smallest idea,whatever it may be, which he/she believes can make a difference and help the world to be a better place. We are currently working on to make its blueprint but till then you can join below WhatsApp group to share your thoughts/suggestions.

What’sApp groups are not only good for talking, it can also help your business. Since WhatsApp comes preinstalled on many smartphones worldwide, user adoption has skyrocketed and is continuing to grow. That means your customers are probably already using the app. To make that customer connection, all you need to do is set up a WhatsApp Business profile and associate it with your business number And because your business presence is tied to only one phone number (short codes not required!), you can easily include it in all of your marketing programs to entice more customers to make that direct connection with you. Do I really need another messaging app? Email and SMS have long been the most common channels businesses use to connect with their customers. They are effective channels in their own right. But in an omnichannel world, that’s changing. Messaging apps like WhatsApp have capabilities that allow you to have a more significant impact on customer satisfaction, while expanding your reach, improving deliverability, managing support costs, increasing conversions, sharpening security, and achieving other important business KPIs.

Do not make it your master: Lastly, don’t allow WhatsApp to eat your quiet time with God or even the quality time you spend with your spouse and children. Make an effort to disconnect from WhatsApp during the day and even days together in a week. There are better things in life to do! What is your experience in dealing with group chats? What annoys you the most and how do you handle it? Find extra info at Whatsapp.

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