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Advertise property online and real estate tips from LiveIO? is a hot real estate portal specialized at helping real estate agents and individuals to sell real estate properties in Europe. We will also discuss about several real estate business advices combined with some analysis of 2019-2020 real estate market trends in EU.

With the growing interest of international investors in Europe, real estate professionals are now displaying more concerns about property availability and pricing. Even though almost 50% of the interviewees on PWC Report, expect the availability of assets to decrease and get worse in the next 5 years, the relationship between availability and pricing are tempered by the belief that the industry is in a good position and the financial background is generally positive. Diversify your properties: Real estate professionals have to keep an eye on new opportunities that are also arising. Some investors are now moving into alternative or niche areas, like student housing, retirement living, etc. This is a big market that is starting shy but will continue to grow. When it comes to space changes, we have to keep an eye on another trend. The “moto” work, play, is giving rise to a reinvention of lobby space and common areas. Let’s not forget about co-working spaces that are on the rise. Even though the residential sector will be in the spotlight, logistics and niche sectors such flexible offices and co-working spaces, are becoming more sexy.

Should you consider a high-risk investment over a stable one? Ultimately, it all comes down to what kind of investment you want to make, how much of a risk you want to take, and how much of a return you are looking for. High-risk investments in more emerging property markets can be a rewarding, and exciting, venture. However, you should research any potential investments thoroughly and only invest what you are prepared to lose; should things not work out as expected. You should also spend some time looking into what is involved. While properties in recovering markets can be cheaper, there is some primary work that you need to do before acquiring any property abroad. Beyond the legal ins and outs of foreigners buying property, each country will have its own paperwork and administrative requirements; this can add time and money to the transaction. In Spain, for example, a Spanish notary is not obliged by law to disclose all information so you will need to instruct a lawyer to carry out additional work to ensure, for example, that the building permit is valid and that there are no hidden costs attached (e.g. shared community charges). Read additional info Real Estate Advertising Portal.

Now let’s talk about some real estate tips for agents: Socialize: Staying home is safe, warm, comfortable and cheap; but it also does nothing for your business. Get out of the house and go out with friends. Socializing can lead you to the perfect client. Whether you initiate a conversation or someone just overhears you chatting with a friend, discussing your real estate business in a social setting can be very beneficial. Negotiate renovations with the seller: Are you trying to sell a house with an outdated kitchen? Could the bathrooms use some work? Ask the seller if he or she would be willing to fix things up a bit. Investing in repairs will not only help the house sell, but it’ll give you something exciting to talk about during showings. Homebuyers love a fresh, current home!

We don’t like boundaries. We want to include everyone and everything under one roof. Whether your main intention is to buy, sell or rent property – Liveio’s sophisticated real estate network provides you with an instant view of available properties and agents in your area and a vast part of Europe. In a matter of seconds you’ll have all the information you need to take the first and last step towards the perfect real estate deal. Liveio are specially designed for sellers and prospective buyers to meet. Through Liveio it’s possible to create your own tasteful advertising page that will ensure interest from active buyers. A concept just as beneficial for the private property owner as the professional broker. Source:

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