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Boza online shopping with turkishmarketnj.com? Sekerpare: This traditional Turkish dessert is called ‘sekerpare’ (shek-EYR’ par-EH’), which means “a piece of sweetness.” Try some and you’ll see why it’s exactly that. These sweet, sticky and tender cookies are made from semolina, flour and powdered sugar that are baked golden brown and left to steep in sweet, lemony syrup. The more syrup they soak up, the better. They should be tender enough to cut and eat with a fork. Sekerpare is made in nearly every Turkish household, sold in every bakery and sweet shop and appears on nearly every Turkish restaurant menu. It is one of the most popular Turkish sweets after baklava. Try a piece or two with your next cup of coffee or espresso. Of course, it goes perfectly with a cup of Turkish coffee, too. Blending the ingredients and kneading the dough slowly by hand is the key to making the perfect, uniform sekerpare dough that won’t crack or separate as it bakes. Each ‘pare’ or piece, should keep its perfect shape, even after soaking in syrup. Pass up the baklava for once and try this classic Turkish dessert to satisfy your next craving for super-sweet treats. It is cheaper than baklava but a good Sekerpare will satisfy you not less than the baklava.

Corba is a traditional Turkish soup that is hearty, warm and very satisfying. Most Turkish meals begin with a soup and this soup variety is made from red lentils, vegetables and flavored with spices. Simple and easy to make, you Corba can be tried at restaurants or at a traditional Turkish home. Bulgur wheat is sometimes added to Corba to give it an added texture and depth of flavor. Dondurma is not just ice cream, it is ice cream with a chewy texture. And even more famous than the ice cream are its vendors who are known to put up a dramatic performance before serving Dondurma to you. Turkish ice cream has a strange elasticity to it and vendors display it by stretching Dondurma way above their heads or teasingly hand the ice cream cone to you before pulling it back. This iced dessert is perfect for an on-the-go treat on hot summer days or to enjoy while watching the world go by. See more information at turkish online stores.

A lot of people are living far away from their countries and they would love to have something to remember them about their home country.For all turkish people around the world there is this family that ships traditional handmade food , with authentic taste, or handmade turkish crafts to anyone anywhere in the world. Would you like to taste an authentic turkish simit? We arelike a family you left behind and that will send you a nice wrapped box with something good your grandma did for you.

Tulumba. Another favourite stemming from the kitchens of the Ottoman Empire, tulumba is also found in many other countries that were ruled by the former dynasty. Similar to the western churro recipe, the deep fried dough batter soaked in sticky sweet syrup is seldom made in the home. Instead, it is popular on summer evenings when sold by street cart vendors. See extra information at Mr. Nut Dried Natural Apricot (454 gr).

Tulum peyniri is a Turkish cheese made from goat’s, cow’s, or sheep’s milk (or a combination of the three). It is primarily produced in the country’s mountainous regions. The cheese is white in color, has a creamy texture, and its flavors range from mild and slightly sweet to strong and somewhat bitter. Known as sujuk to the rest of the world, afyon sucuġu is a dry-fermented, spicy sausage, traditionally produced in Afyonkarahisar, a Turkish province nestled inland from the Aegean Sea coast. Sucuġu is a halāl-certified product consisting of ground beef that’s typically flavored and seasoned with cumin, sumac, garlic, salt, pepper, red paprika, and (often) thyme.

We have previously mentioned that our products are first-class Turkish products. We know that not only the quality of the products but also the price is important for our customers. That is why we do our best to present these products to you for the best prices. At TurkishMarketnj.com, you can find all kinds of Turkish groceries our most liked products are; Bakery and Pastry products, Turkish food is well known for its bakery and pastry products that are loved not only by Turkish people but also is commonly eaten all over the world. Turkish Deserts are the most popular Turkish Products that are on the market today. Turkish Delight for example is one of the most known Turkish products that is known for its great taste. Discover more info at turkish tea glasses for sale.

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