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Relieve Pressure : Tight sheets at the bottom of your bed are your oppressor no more. The Bed Block lifts your sheets, allowing your feet to rest in their natural position, resulting in greater relaxation from the toes to the lower back.
Stretch Out : The Bed Block promotes elongation of the legs for better blood flow to from head to toe, resulting in improved circulation and less pressure on your toes, feet, ankles, calves, quads, hamstrings, and back.

Set Up with Ease : This strong foam foot pillow/bed wedge maintains it shape while yielding a soft and comfortable touch. It’s easy to install: just pull back your sheets, place your block at the foot of the bed, and pull the sheets back up.

Meet the Creator

Hi, I’m Travis, the creator of the Bed Block. I am a husband, father, businessman, inventor, Iraq war veteran, and mediocre athlete. I developed the Bed Block after rolling my ankle in a rec league softball game. My swollen ankle, coupled with a frostbite injury from my Army days in Germany, required a unique product to help me heal. I needed to protect my feet from the pressure of the sheets, while also keeping my feet warm when I slept. This scenario had me cutting up random things in the garage to try and create something that a few prototypes later, is now the Bed Block. My ankle is long since healed, but I still sleep with my Bed Block every night. Now I offer my better sleep to you.


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