Customer reviews from US credits and loans companies

Manta is an online directory service that’s grown surprisingly quickly since its founding. It mostly operates as an alternative to Yelp, and the format of the site is almost identical. But Manta also offers marketing packages so you can claim your business listing and promote your brand elsewhere. Still, their business directory is the bread and butter of their business model. It’s focused on small businesses, too, so you may already have a listing there without even knowing about it.

If you haven’t claimed your listing yet, you can easily do it by looking up your business and clicking the “Claim” button. That gives you control over your business’s information, but not the reviews that users leave. Still, that’s better than nothing. And it gives you yet another listing on a business search engine, which increases the chance you’ll reach new customers.

US-Reviews is a collectors site where you can find experiences, reviews and opinions. We recommend potential customers whether they should pursue a purchase at a certain company or not. This way, you will know upfront how things really are and you will not be misleaded. We believe in a transparent market, Nowadays, everyone sees right through clich? sales talk because there are too many customers that just tell them that something isn’t right. And that is exactly what we try to do. To put honesty and reliability first. If you are satisfied, because a company or shop offers good service for the right price, you should share this with the world. Let’s be honest. That company in turn has what we call, a right to exist. In the end useless sales talk is not benefcial for anyone. Read more at How to get customer reviews

No matter what product or service you are about to buy, you will most certainly find hundreds of online reviews on it. All you have to do is Google.

It’s likely that you’ll find super positive and radically negative reviews on the very same product, and only some of them will be real.

Online reviews are controversial. They are considered a helpful decision-making tool in the consumer world and a powerful manipulative weapon in the world of marketers. That’s why you should learn how to spot fake online reviews. Extra details on How to get customer reviews

The team also demonstrated they could reverse the bias by displaying the buttons in the opposite order. For some participants, the buttons were ordered from lowest- to highest-rated. In this case, pictures with few ratings got average scores that exceeded their actual quality.

Before you start acquiring reviews, it’s worth spending some time planning your objectives and how to go about achieving your online reviews.

Firstly, outline your goals and how you’ll measure them. For example, would you like to see how reviews help to improve traffic to your site overall, or would you like to focus on a few of your best products and see how reviews affect sales?

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