Get to know Tim Trilioni and some of his best songs

Who is Tim Trilioni and some of his work? When asked about the many projects that he is currently working on and how he finds the time to get everything done, Tim Trilioni responded “Life is to be lived. We must try to put the effort in every day to accomplish all our goals.” Tim Trilioni went on to say, “ this is just a stepping stone for me to get to a place where I’m able to give back to the less fortunate.” When asked which population he was referring to Tim Trilioni responded, “the inner-city population is hurting the most, with a great need for better mental health and extracurricular and after school programming—you know I’m big on mental health.”

Tim Trillioni sounds like an artist who has earned his stripes and is going from strength to strength. His songwriting can go from introspectively personal, on tracks like “By My Side”, to the empathetically universal on a song like “Corona Virus”. Both these aforementioned tracks can be found on Tim Trillioni’s project, “Black Gold Rush EP” dropping 9-10-20. “I’m pouring water on top of your head. Some say you are sleeping. You say you’re dead. You’re pouring water upon my head. You thought you were creeping. I was standing right there,” are the resonating opening lines on “Corona Virus”. Tim Trillioni’s voice is backed by a classically induced soundscape of strings and keys, which in turn are driven by a thumping, slow-burn hip-hop beat.

He has meshed several styles and genres in his songs and dishing out popular tracks like ‘By My Side’. According to the music enthusiasts, he is a gifted lyricist known for his wit. Well, Trilioni has received excellent response from his fans and also he keeps communicating with them on Facebook and Instagram. This talented star has been influenced by icons like BB King, Bone Thugs, and Harmony, Snoop, and Stevie Wonder. However, fans can now listen to his tracks on popular music streaming apps like Spotify. See the song on Tim Trilioni.

Tim Trilioni is a New Orleans native, singer-songwriter and business mogul. His savvy lyrics and catchy style has caught the attention of artists and fashion elites around the world. He is known for his fashion contributions to pop-culture and musical contributions to artists, entertainment venues and movie soundtracks. Tim Trilioni’s sure is tops and he comprehends what he needs. We are altogether holding on to perceive what’s next for Mr. Tim Trilioni. We are calmly foreseeing new music and stunning garments in the forthcoming months.

Tim Trilioni is pummeling through the ranks at a rapid pace. With radio already picking up 2 of his songs he is racing to rank as one of the most sensational vocalists of our time. His skills and abilities to cross music genre and vocal. Be spellbound by the dark rich and soulful sounds of artist Tim Trilioni. He brings a powerful but subtle edge to today’s music scene blending contemporary R and B, Hip Hop, New Orleanian Blues, Jazz, Afro-rhythm, Samba and Classical sounds together for an interesting listening experience. See the song at

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