Paintball Versus Airsoft

Airsoft is similar to paintball in many ways, in that they are both fast paced and action packed sports in which players engage each other firing small, spherical, and safe projectiles. However, unlike paintball, airsoft BBs are made of hard plastic (weighing much less than a typical paintball) and do not leave any marks upon impact. Airsoft guns are also much more realistic than paintball markers, giving airsoft gameplay an added sense of realism. Airsoft BB firing devices should not be confused with standard BB guns which fire metal projectiles, and are unsafe to fire at another person. Airsoft BB guns fire much lighter plastic projectiles with much less force than a standard BB gun, making airsoft much safer. Because airsoft BBs do not make a mark upon impact, airsoft players must follow a strict honor system. Airsoft games are usually longer than paintball games, due to more complex objectives and the use of respawn locations, where players who have been hit can walk to and re-enter game play.

Sometimes, the game seems very unbalance and looks just like your average game. You don’t experience the same exciting anticipation as you do in a real competitive sport

To put everything in short terms, airsoft is competitive but lacks a good system to put together an exciting, and professional competitive games.

Our suggestion to the community is to imitate the ranking system from league of legend and apply it to airsoft with minor tweaks. There will be “casual” and “official” competitive games.

You can only be registered for a casual competitive game. Every time your team wins, you gain points and will rank up once you earn enough.

The Magazine

Airsoft magazine uses widget and springs to feed BBs into your airsoft gun. Like cars, they have a lifespan. The more work they do, the faster they will die out

Make it your priority to drain out all BBs out of your magazine after every game. And lubricate your gas magazine once a while. These simple things will help preserve the life span of your magazine internals and will help your magazine feed BBs into your airsoft gun better

What about types of magazines? In reality, all magazine function the same way with slight variations. The main difference between them is the quality of material used to build them and their design. In the end, it’s all up to what brand are you buying from. More at TheAirsoftSport.

Never Remove Your Eye-Protection During Games

Do not take your eye-protection off in the field, even if it has fogged up. Just go to the safe zone, clear up the fog, and re-enter the game

Don’t risk your eye sight for something so minor.

Open-carry is also Prohibited

Exposing airsoft guns openly in public is also restricted

The law defines public places as streets, driveways, alleys, parks, plazas, bridges and buildings open to the general public

The exception to the rule is carrying guns which are entirely different and brightly colored

The Cry Baby

Sometimes, you will run into people who complain about getting shot. For these people, getting shots sucks and they spread their negativity around the field.

They will turn you off and ruin your mood. The best thing you could do is let the referee know about it and ignore them.

The Exposer

This player has one mission in mind, and that is to expose anyone that breaks the rule. Expect to get called out by them for not signaling your hits.

You can say that they’re like a referee but one without authority. Most airsoft fields don’t allow you to call out cheater but report them to the referee instead. The exposer can be extremely annoying and hostile at times.

When playing with exposers, don’t react to their “exposing” and expose them to the referee. Extra details on TheAirsoftSport.

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